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Solana Ranch
Ghost of Minileo

Solana Ranch Ghost of Minileo is our wild looking sepia spotted F5 (F6) generation male from Robyn and Jon at Quality Cats - Solana Ranch and Wildernesswell - on The United States west coast. Our boy Ghost has several very wild attributes that are rarely prioritized among the mainstream of breeders and are also quite hard to breed for and select on to be passed down in the Bengal breed. Big Thanks to this couple and breeders for choosing to do it Their Way and letting us have a great piece of their selected genetics into our breeding program. Although Ghost himself is a snow bengal, you can still see his even more light belly. He is great at passing on very nicely white tummies onto his kittens, which is a trait from the wild Asian Leopard Cat. This is not his only great trait - he also has a great pattern flow of many contrasted spots, big eyes that are set low in the face as well as both small and rounded ears. Ghost has given us some great kittens over the years and his babies have been placed as top winning cats of the years in both America and Europe. Opposite to with many other kittens, I love to take pictures of Ghost’s babies with full flash - because then you can really view and catch the wild movements. Ghost carries Apb, a gene that we today know is inherited from The Asian Leopard Cat.

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