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Who Are We

MINILEO (The Mini Leo's) is our big bengal cat family. We have been living and breeding these smart, curious and hilariously fun felines since 2009.

Every day for both we and the little house leopards is a new and exciting opportunity to play and have fun with everyone and everything. Life is never boring for someone having a bengal buddy. People might want to come and meet them because of their beauty, but it is the bengals purrrrsonalities that make people fall in LOVE.

Minileo Bengals have produced several top of the world winning bengal cats over the years, but most of the bengal babies goes to live "normal" life as spoiled family members with who they never get to set a paw on the judges tables. Here you can follow our big Minileo family "behind the scenes" and get a greater insight of what really goes on - both at home and on tour. 

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