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Minileo babies

We have kittens almost all year around, to see more information on a current kitten click on the picture to read more. You are welcome to send inquiries on specific kittens, but there is no first come first served policy and we prefer to meet you in person first to get to know you and your family and make sure we do the best to find and offer you a kitten we think would match the best in both looks and personality. Even though they are all the same breed and have quite some similarities in things like activity level, playfulness, communication and curiosity - they are still many times very different from each other as individuals. 



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Future plans


We except kittens from our homebred girl Minileo Trinity as well as homebred date Minileo Crimson. Colours and patterns are thought to be all from silver and snow to brown, all shall be spotted. This will be the offsprings for both of these two cats. 


No kitten plans yet in October


No kitten plans yet in October


No kitten plans yet in October


No kitten plans yet in October


No kitten plans yet in October

Purchase info


Long term relationship

and support

Our bengal kittens are all loving, brave and enthusiastic individuals ready to love their new homes. However, It is important to us to match the right personality with the right family, thus appreciating a long term contact and evolved relationship with our costumers before deciding upon if we believe to have a kitten matching their family and lives. You are welcome to send an inquiry on our current or coming kittens. 


Minimum age and health pack

This is the standard package of all our kittens

  • 12-16 weeks old 
  • Neutered if sold as pet
  • Fully vaccinated (two shots) against Panleucopaenia, cat flu and herpes. 
  • Identitymarked with chip
  • Health checked by licensed veterinarian
  • Fully insured in Svedea
  • Insured for hidden faults through Svedea

Proper registration in the worlds first and biggest bengal registry

The kitten will come registered within TICA - The International Cat Association as an SBT bengal which mean it’s able for competition and you are welcome to write in for show your cat and fight for titles. A certificate of registration will follow the cat upon delivery and if you are interested in showing within other associations, we will help you to transfer the registration to another association (like Fife/Sverak for example). If you would like to join us for shows within TICA or have our support and help showing in FIFE / SVERAK , feel free to let us know and we are more then happy to help and cheer on our little kitten competing. 


A good insurance is key

All our cats and kittens are fully insured in Svedea, an easy to understand and fully covered insurance that can be taken over to the new owner upon delivery. This is a modern insurance covering tooth resorption, costs for medicines, CT and MR scans and gives the customers free yearly vet visits at First Vet Video Veterinarians.  To get more information and a price plan, follow this link to fill in your email and your cats birthday - and you will get a respond with possible price plans. 


Welcome to contact us today!.